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     sales up to 45%





Jupiter Research finds Click-to-Call services increase online sales up to 45%.

Put yourself in the shoes of your online visitor. Your design and content have won them over and steered them to your Sales Page. Your product clearly meets their needs. Your price is great. Your offer is irresistible. They're right on the edge of clicking your Buy button.

But they don't.

They hesitate.

There's still something missing.

For many people online that missing element is the human touch - a warm, friendly, human voice.

As business owners, we love the efficiency and automation of the web. But for many online visitors the web can be cold, sterile and impersonal. Especially when they're making an important buying decision.

They still don't completely trust it. More importantly, if they're new to your company and products, they still don't trust you

The comfort, familiarity, and emotional connection of a human voice can be the difference between no sale and a life-long customer.

In fact, Jupiter Research found that having human, voice-to-voice contact with a real person improves online conversion rates up to 45%. That's great, right? But how do you do it? How do you go from your website to that critical human touch?

One option is to plaster your 800 number on every page. But that never seems to work, does it? Your visitor may jot down your number along with the numbers of your competitors intending to call one of you. But, once that hot buying moment has passed, those numbers will quickly drop to the bottom of their to-do lists. And your odds of a sale will drop to zero.

Think about it. Your potential clients are operating on web time. They expect things to happen instantly. At the click of a button.

With a Click-to-Call button on your website, that's just what they get.

A Click-to-Call button encourages quick, immediate action when that hot buying moment is still alive and simmering.

As soon as your prospect clicks the Click-to-Call button a screen pops up. They enter their phone number and their phone is instantly connected to yours. Within seconds you have the hottest of all prospects ready and primed to buy. More importantly, you've begun a real, live, person-to-person sales relationship.

And, unlike the 800 number, you've captured their name, phone number and even email address for follow up promotions.

As valuable as a Click-to-Call button is for selling products online, that voice-to-voice connection is essential if you're selling services.

As an online marketing company, we've looked at dozens of Click-to-Call vendors for our clients. We found Zifftalk, the world's leading Click-to-Call vendor, to be the best way to get started.

It's easy to set up. Takes less than 5 minutes.

There's no software to buy or download.

You pay only 12 to 15 cents a minute depending on your usage. And you pay only WHEN your hot prospect calls. Unlike other vendors, there's no sign-up fee. There's no monthly fee. There's no risk at all.

You've got nothing to lose. And a whopping 45% increase in sales to gain.

We like Zifftalk so much studio 525 is now a Zifftalk affiliate.  Now you can sign up right from our website.

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Zifftalk offers a wide variety of Click-to-Call services to improve your entire sales process.

  • Capture the phone number and email address of every caller for follow-up promotions.

  • View call activity in real-time.

  • Track ad conversions to test which ads are working best.

  • You can even put your Click-to-Call button in your e-mails.

Remember, there are no sign-up costs or monthly fees. You pay only WHEN a motivated prospect calls. There's no risk. There's no obligation.

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