Throughout the year, Brickbottom hosts lectures, performances, demonstrations which are open to the public and free.

May 3
Thursday: 6:30pm

What are you doing after work?
We mean really after work – in your retirement years!
The BAA is sponsoring a free financial planning seminar on Thursday, May 3, at 6:30 pm, designed specifically for artists, creative professionals, and the self-employed. Gail Nickse of the firm of Waddell and Reed will be on hand in the Brickbottom Gallery to talk to us about planning for our retirement years, and will discuss the various options and strategies available for retirement savings. Get the facts on Social Security (will it be there when you retire?), 401(k) plans (will yours last through your retirement years?), and IRAs (what’s a better choice: a Roth or a Traditional IRA?).
If you’d like to contact Gail beforehand with your questions, thoughts, or ideas, drop her a line at

March 18th

Alden Zecha will present his recent month long trip to Kenya and Tanzania with photographs and stories.

April 12

Open Forum Discussion for artists with Jim Wright, well known and respected art preservationist. Ever have a vision for a painting and not sure what would be the best materials? Which material will last, what potential problems might be encountered?

Bring all your questions to this informative but informal discussion for Artists. You and your fellow artists will determine to fabric of the meeting

May 3rd

The first in a series about financial planning for artists with Gail Nickse.

Upcoming Events dates to be announced:

Public Art Works and the Public Art Projects with Doug Kornfeld
Landscape Architecture and the Arts with Patrick Chasse
Wine lecture and tasting with Jayme Lacour

Highlights of 2007

Thursday, 15 Feb 2007, 7:00 PM invites you to the Brickbottom Gallery for a free screening of the film, The Ground Truth, a powerful documentary featuring the stories of Iraq war veterans.

January 28, 2007, 7 pm

Writers Evening in conjunction with Brickbottom Celebrates McDowell! With Herbert Krohn, Marsha Pomerantz, Monica Raymond, Joyce Van Dyke, including readings and a discussion about writing, the visual arts and how they connect - or don't.