what they say
about studio 525
American Lung Association
American Electric Power
American Stores
AOL Time Warner
Avid Technologies
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Boston Medical Communications
Boston Productions
Brickbottom Artists Association
Brown University
Car Free Days
Caribiner International
CompUSA Superstores
Computer Associates
Digital Equipment Corporation
EMC Corp.
Fidelity Investments
Harborside Healthcare
Harvard University
Hill, Holliday Advertising
Home Box Office
John Hancock Financial Services
Ken Arnold Books
Learning Disabilities Association of America
Lotus Development Corporation
Marcom Solutions
MASCO Services
Massachusetts State Lottery
Maxfield Interactive
Merrill Lynch
National Boston Video Center
NE Home for Little Wanderers
Prudential Insurance
Quantic Communications
Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Simon & Schuster
Star Market
Stop & Shop Companies
Time Warner
Times Mirror
Travelers Insurance
VICOR Corporation
Wang Laboratories


Peter brings an artist's obsession to his work, tempered by a veteran's professionalism. And he sure makes the cash registers ring.

Noel Evans
Executive Producer
Avid Technologies


It's unusual for a partnership in the tech world to go so well (I've had some doozies), and it's due to a great extent to your and Noah's personalities and skills. Going with studio 525 was the right decision, and we anticipate a good working relationship in the future.

Ken Arnold
Publisher, CEO
Ken Arnold Books


I've worked with Peter on several award winning projects. Peter is the proverbial "soup-to-nuts" talent. From creative concept, powerful writing, excellent design to final production, Peter does it all--extremely well--as his numerous awards indicate. I highly recommend him (unless he's already booked doing more work for me).

Tom Koutris
Communications Manager
Merrill Lynch


Peter has a knack for reaching and moving an audience. He has brought fresh, novel thinking and a memorable creative solution to every project on which we've collaborated over the past decade.

Clif Rice
Vice President, Images
Fidelity Investments


I've worked with Peter for the past few years on a variety of projects for our major clients. Happily, they've all been award winners, from a client's perspective and judging by the accolades of a jury of peers. We appreciate the vision, intellect and energy Peter brings to our projects. He is a great and gifted storyteller.

Marilyn Knight
innoVision, Inc.


Peter Cutler is a truly gifted and talented writer and designer. His marketing skills are flawless. His creative strategies are not only engaging but always on target. And his execution is exceptional, as his numerous awards have demonstrated. I highly recommend Peter Cutler.

Dawn T. McDermott
Director of Communications
John Hancock Financial Services


We needed a fresh and lively website to showcase our mobile application for eBay. Peter Cutler created an on-target website that instantly conveys our technology. The artwork succeeds on eBay's international marketplace without the need for translation. It effectively demonstrates the speed and simplicity of the camera phone and computer interface at a glance. The logo is a key contribution to our corporate branding identity.

Alice Eastland
Director of Communications
Midprofile Corporation


LOVE IT! The design is bright, inclusive and clear. I think people will flip over your design solutions and it will be much easier for the board to maintain. A new branding style is coming together that is bold and consistent. It looks grand!

Lisa Gordon
Brickbottom Artists Association


The new website looks great! I love the 3 column organization and the colorful banner. I love the new logo. Great job.

Diane Novetsky
Art Director
Nova Design


The calm, effective and inviting homepage you created is now, in turn, shaping what I'm coming up with to include on the site in a very positive way. Thank you again.

Geoff Brown
Northampton Shin Buddhist Sangha