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688% increase
in closed sales

1,875% increase
in conversions

At first glance, these two web pages look pretty much alike. The original website was designed by a leading web development company. We didn't change the design much at all.

But what we did change produced some interesting results.

1,875% increase in opt-in Email Newsletter Subscriptions.

1,250% increase in Seminar Enrollments.

909% increase in Phone Consultations.

And the result that really counts, a 688% increase in Closed Sales.

How did we get results like these?

First, we completely re-wrote the Home Page. We changed the focus from the client to the customer. We fine-tuned the sales message. And we sweetend the offer.

See the new Home Page copywriting that got such great results:
688% increase in closed sales

Next we increased Newsletter subscriptions 1,875% by offering an irresistible Special Report as an incentive and re-writing each of the Newsletters to increase their appeal.

See how to make a web page irresistible.
1,875% increase in conversions

We can't promise the same results for each of our clients. But our track record is very, very  good.

To see how we can dramatically improve your sales results, contact us today.

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