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A good Email Service Provider (ESP) is critical to your online marketing program. Regular emails, e-Newsletters and Special Offers strengthen your customer relationships and increase your sales.

A good Email Service Provider will not allow Spam (unsolicited email) and will have a good relationship with all major Internet Service Providers (ISP). This means your emails get through and are not blocked by your prospect's ISP or Spam filter. Spam is a huge problem for both the receiver and for legitimate marketers who email to solid, homegrown opt-in lists.

Switching providers mid-stream after you've developed a solid opt-in list of interested prospects is messy and complicated. Some providers will make you ask each person on your list to opt-in all over again.

Avoid those problems by picking the right Email Service Provider from the start. We did extensive research into all the leading providers before we picked Constant Contact. We've been so satisfied with their service that we became a Partner to better help our clients with their email campaigns.

We found Constant Contact to have several advantages over the other leading providers.

  • Affordable. Prices start at only $15.00 per month for 500 emails.

  • Experienced. Constant Contact has been in business longer than all their competitors. They seem to have the best reputation of all ESPs.

  • Reliable. studio 525 and our clients have never experienced any problems. That's unusual in this industry. Check the feedback on the web. Many of the leading Internet marketers, like Bob Bly and Ivan Levison, rely on Constant Contact for their own email campaigns.

  • Service. Best service in the business. You can quickly reach helpful knowledgeable people by phone, instant chat, or email.

  • Do it yourself. Hundreds of templates make it easy to create emails, Special Offers and e-Newsletters. Or you can rely on studio 525 to create custom branded email campaigns including all design, copywriting, tracking and testing.

  • 60 day FREE trial. Constant Contact has the longest free trial of any provider.  Plenty of time to decide if it's right for you.

Try Constant Contact FREE for 60 days. If you need any help setting up your account or designing your email campaign, let us know. After you click the link below, click the Free Trial button on the top right corner of the Constant Contact screen.

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