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Every design element of your website must promote your products, your services and your message. Anything that doesn't is a distraction and will kill your results.

The banners for this website instantly convey the function of the company's innovative software application which allow you to post pictures and relevant information from your cell phone to eBay.

We programmed the banners to rotate randomly so the site always looks fresh and new.

The logo illustrates the bridging function of the software and allows the brand to expand into new markets.

Your business depends on your website. Every element of your website design must further your business goals.

Here's what our client had to say.

We needed a fresh and lively website to showcase our mobile application for eBay. Peter Cutler created an on-target website that instantly conveys our technology. The artwork succeeds on eBay's international marketplace without the need for translation. It effectively demonstrates the speed and simplicity of the camera phone and computer interface at a glance. The logo is a key contribution to our corporate branding identity.”
Alice Eastland
Director of Communications
Midprofile Corporation

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