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Good website copywriting is not really about words. It's about results. A good web copywriter creates sales.

How much is it worth to increase your sales 100%, 200%, 800% and more?

Landing pages, sales pages, email campaigns, pay-per-click ads, press releases, articles and special reports all depend on the right techniques to create sales.

As an award-winning Senior Copywriter for one of the country's leading advertising agencies, our Creative Director knows how to make words sell.

His track record with a wide variety of media, products, industries and target markets gives him the experience to turn your web pages into gold.

Contact us today for a free proposal showing how we can increase your sales.

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Copywriting Fee Range

Optimizing Websites
Re-writing web copy to boost search engine results. Includes keyword research. How much would you pay for a page 1 Google ranking?
$100 - $400 per page

5-6 page website with SEO strategies
$1,500 - $3,500

Home Page
$450 - $2,500

Sales Page
Range $450 - $5,000
One Page $450 - $1,000
Two to Four Pages $1,200 - $2,000
Six to Ten Pages $3,000 - $7,000

Subscription Page
$450 - $2,000

Information Page
Information that proves you're the go to expert in your industry. These pages include How To articles, reviews and other information your prospects need to move them forward in the sales process. These can also include articles, special reports and press releases that are distributed throughout the Internet and in offline publications that drive targeted visitors to your website.
$250 - $1,000

Email Fee Ranges

Email Promotion
$250 - $750

$250 - $1,000

Articles/Special Reports
Information articles and special reports that prove you're the go to expert in your industry, drive targeted visitors to your website, overcome their trust barriers and put them in the buying mood.
$250 - $1,500

Single Page Emails
$75 - $250.

Pay Per Click Ads
$25 - $250 per ad

Pay Per Click Campaign
Includes keyword research, 10 ads, landing page, welcome/thank you page and welcome/thank you email.
$1,000 - $2,500

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management
Includes placing, managing, testing and tweaking copy. 15% of PPC ad fees or $200 - $2,500 per month, depends on number of PPC campaigns running.

Hourly Rate
$65 per hour

Case Studies
$250 - $2,000

White Papers
$800 - $5,000

$500 - $1,000