1,000% increase in donations

The Brickbottom Artists Association had an outdated website that had become impossible to maintain. We redesigned their website, created a new logo and built a custom Content Managment System that made it easy to maintain and keep up to date.

The new professional look appeals to both artists and their customers.

Thanks to our custom Content Managment System, artists can now create and maintain their own gallery pages.

The new site is easy to maintain so it always stays up to date.

We also wrote a fund raising letter that pulled a 52% response and increased donations by over 1,000%.
1,000% increase in donations

Here's what some of the artist members had to say about their new website.

LOVE IT! The design is bright, inclusive and clear. I think people will flip over your design solutions and it will be much easier for the board to maintain. A new branding style is coming together that is bold and consistent. It looks grand!

Lisa Gordon
Brickbottom Artists Association

The new website looks great! I love the 3 column organization and the colorful banner. I love the new logo. Great job!

Diane Novetsky
Art Director
Nova Design



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